Eagles: If a Carson Wentz trade doesn’t yield at least a first round pick, Roseman should not pull the trigger

It’s impossible to know how close the Philadelphia Eagles are to trading Carson Wentz at the moment. Reports seem to vary with each passing day. But, we did get some new information regarding what kind of compensation the Eagles could receive for dealing Wentz.

During an interview ABC’s Jeff Skversky, former Eagles signal caller Ron Jaworski shared what he’s heard on the Wentz trade front.

According to Jaws, the Indianapolis Colts have the best offer on the table at the moment. The offer would include two second round picks and possibly a third or fourth rounder down the line.

If this is the best offer the Eagles are going to get, Howie Roseman needs to reconsider this franchise shifting decision.

Eating about $34 million in dead cap space for two second round picks and maybe a later pick down the road is not good enough. Reports have indicated that the teams interested in Wentz aren’t budging on their offers either.

It may seem unfathomable that Wentz is on the roster next year after all of the drama surrounding him this offseason. Simply giving him away for unfair value is not the solution. We know Jeffrey Lurie has a blind spot for Roseman, but how he values Roseman’s decision making over Wentz’s contract is beyond me.

The Eagles organization has dug themselves into a hole here. The only teams that have shown serious interest, the Colts and Chicago Bears, have former ties to Wentz. Frank Reich in Indy and John DeFilippo in Chicago. Those are the only two teams even mildly interested in Wentz because they know who he actually is as a player and person.

Other teams haven’t jumped on the phone because of the plethora of negative narratives surrounding Wentz. The Eagles are at fault for this because they’ve allowed these narratives to perpetuate.

Take Alshon Jeffery for example. Rumors circulated that he was the anonymous source who sold out Carson Wentz a few years ago. Instead of the team ever holding him accountable, they’ve allowed him to stay on the roster. Not to mention they paid him over $10 million the past two seasons despite little to no productivity.

Since then, there have been multiple anonymous people who’ve spoke out against Wentz. This probably would have never happened if the Eagles nipped this kind of behavior in the bud from the beginning.

Howie and this organization have already screwed up this situation beyond repair. If they are unable to get a fair return for trading their once beloved franchise quarterback, someone needs to be held accountable. But as we’ve learned over the past few months, as long as Roseman is the one calling the shots, that’s all that matter to Lurie.

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