Eagles get trounced by Bucs — What now?

TAMPA, FL– We all watched yesterday’s wild game down in Tampa Bay. The Eagles walked into Raymond James Stadium as the underdog, and met the G.O.A.T Tom Brady once again. However, unlike 2017, this game felt like the Eagles ran right into a buzz saw.

Tampa Bay did not play their greatest game Sunday afternoon, but the Eagles did not help either. Right out of the gate, the Eagles stumbled early on offense and on defense, not forcing a single turnover and ended up being shut out in the first half. 

In the first half of yesterday’s game, the Eagles gave up a total 17 points, which could’ve been much more if the defense didn’t step up when they had to late in the second quarter, in order to keep the champs from getting another quick three points.

There were so many mistakes in this game that there is just too many to count. When it came to the second half, it was obvious that the team needed to make adjustments. Sadly, that never occurred. It just wasn’t the Eagles’ day, as they were outscored again in the third quarter, 14-0 to make it a 31-0 ball game. The No. 1 rushing attack was shut down by Todd Bowles and Tampa’s stout defensive line, led by Vita Vea and Ndamukong Suh.

Overall, the consensus that was gathered yesterday was that the team was just not ready. Perhaps in hindsight, resting the starters in Week 18 against Dallas was not the best decision, because clearly the players needed the reps to negate the awful penalties and decisions that were made in Tampa on Sunday.

One of the most disappointing stories to come out of this football game was former first-round pick, wide receiver Jalen Reagor. The Eagles have kept consistent faith in him throughout his tenure and has shown flashes of greatness, but after yesterday’s performance with two muffed punts (one of which led to a Tampa touchdown), it felt as if the wind in Reagor’s sails was finally gone. 

Where does this Eagles team go from here?

Well, there are many things that the Philadelphia Eagles can do.

First thing, is to decide whether or not Jalen Hurts is the future for this team. Second, is to replace defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon due to the consistent lack of creativity and overall defensive schemes. And lastly is to nail on each of the three first round picks that the Eagles currently possess in this upcoming draft.

Now, there are many factors to all of these decisions, but ultimately it is all started with whether or not Jalen Hurts stays, or is dealt for a proven quarterback like Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers.

It’s necessary to understand that yes, the Eagles did deserve to be in the playoffs based on the record they held at the end of the season. However, they were thoroughly outclassed, outperformed and outmatched by the defending champs.

With all that being said, this does not take away the fact that in a rebuild year, this Eagles team made the playoffs. That enough is progress. Now it’s time to contend for a Super Bowl. 

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