Howie Roseman has screwed the Eagles up worse than Chip Kelly ever did

Howie Roseman is public enemy number one in Philadelphia right now.

Recent reports have suggested that not only was Doug Pederson’s firing due in large part because he favored Carson Wentz over Jalen Hurts, while Roseman saw it the other way. But now we’ve learned that Wentz’s desire to leave the Eagles is due to Howie Roseman’s incompetence.

We initially heard Wentz wanted out of Philly because of his fractured relationship with Doug Pederson. Reports indicated it was “fractured beyond repair,” which always seemed a little dramatic after one bad season together. If their relationship was as toxic as we were led to believe, Pederson wouldn’t have gone into Jeffrey Lurie’s office after the season and vouch for Wentz long-term.

When Pederson was fired, Lurie told the media that he and Pederson didn’t share the same vision for the future of the franchise. While many speculated that this was related to Pederson’s promote-from-within mentality with his coaching staff, new reports indicate it was about differing ideologies regarding Wentz.

Sports Illustrated’s Eagles Maven wrote a piece earlier this week discussing what ultimatley led to Pederson’s dismissal. He writes, “‘Doug did not buy into Hurts the way (GM Howie) Roseman did at all,’ said the source, ‘(and) the two could not come to an agreement on his future with the team.’ … The source added, ‘(Wentz) wouldn’t return to the Eagles even if they hired Frank Reich as head coach.'”

This was never about Pederson, it was always about Roseman. I’m sure Doug and Wentz had their disputes, any quarterback-head coach combo will. But trying to spin the story like the two just couldn’t co-exist after one (1) awful season is ridiculous.

It makes you wonder how involved Howie was and is in dropping these leaks to the media. They never involve his name, and most of the time they deflect blame away from him.

So here we are, on the verge of losing both Pederson and Wentz in one offseason, after we were told initially that they would both be back. Roseman stated something along the lines of, “I can’t envision a future in which Carson Wentz isn’t the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles,” during his end of the year presser alongside Pederson. He lied straight through his teeth.

Losing the first head coach to win a Super Bowl in Philadelphia and the best quarterback this city has had since Donovan McNabb in one offseason is unforgivable. It’s worse than anything Chip Kelly ever did during his reign as general manager in 2015 — it’s not even close.

Chip may have gotten rid of a handful of key players during that offseason, but at least he had the city optimistic heading into the 2015 season. Is anyone even remotely excited for the future of this team with Roseman running the show?

Howie has rid the team of anyone who’s tried to challenge his power over the organization. Out of Wentz, Doug, and Howie, it’s undeniable that Howie has done the worst job of the three since the Super Bowl run. He’s whiffed on numerous draft picks, he’s handed out bad contracts like it’s candy, and he’s stirred up drama at every turn.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’d rather have Chip Kelly as the team’s GM right now over Howie. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

At least Chip understood football, that’s why he hated working with Howie so much — because Howie doesn’t understand football.

If you want to go back before Chip came to Philly, you could argue Howie’s monumental failure with the Dream Team ultimately led to Andy Reid getting fired. Andy’s doing pretty well out in Kansas City if you haven’t noticed. And I’m sure both Pederson and Wentz will do much better once they get another opportunity outside of Philly.

Roseman is a cancer. He’s driven away multiple coaches, players, and now he’s driving away Carson Wentz in favor of a complete unknown in Jalen Hurts. As long as Howie Roseman is the GM of the Eagles, this organization will continue to be a complete dumpster fire.

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