Eagles: Russell Wilson rumors continue to mount as free agency approaches

There has been no shortage of rumors surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles’ offseason plans, especially at the quarterback position.

Russell Wilson‘s name has continued to pop up in relation to the Eagles. Over the past week, the Eagles chances of landing the former Super Bowl champ have risen significantly on the betting market. On February 16, the Eagles sat at the bottom of the odds list, with 40-1 odds to trade for Wilson. Now, Philadelphia is the odds on favorite to get Wilson at 5-1 odds, according to BetOnline.

Pro Football Focus listed the Wilson to Philly trade as one of their 15 trades to watch out for this offseason. They project the Eagles to send Seattle a 2022 first-round pick and third-round pick, and a 2023 first-round pick in exchange for Wilson. Even FS1’s Colin Cowherd has chimed in on the Wilson rumors, stating he wouldn’t hesitate to send every first-round pick at the Eagles’ disposal over the next two years to secure Wilson’s services.

I tend to side with PFF’s valuation of an Eagles-Wilson trade here rather than Cowherd, but the point still remains — Russell Wilson to the Eagles is a real possibility this offseason.

The interesting part about all of this speculation is it seemingly came out of nowhere this past week. Yes, Wilson trade rumors have been front and center since the end of the NFL season, but rarely were the Eagles at the top of the list of potential landing spots. So, what happened?

First off, the Eagles have the most ammo to make a splash trade of this magnitude and it’s not even close. Howie Roseman can offer two first-round picks this year and still have one to work with. First-round picks are the name of the game here, and anyone discussing a potential Wilson trade understands that.

Secondly, we all know what Roseman values most — the quarterback position. And he didn’t exactly get elite play out of that position in 2021. Wilson is still a top-5 quarterback when healthy. Anyone who says otherwise either hasn’t been paying attention, or they’re purposely being ignorant in the name of keeping Jalen Hurts for another year.

The writing is on the wall here. Vegas sees it, PFF sees it, Cowherd and a handful of other pundits see it. It’s about time us Eagles fans start seeing it as well.

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