Eagles: 7-Round Mock Draft 1.0

Round 4, Pick 127

Akeem Davis-Gaither LB, App. State

Gaither looks like your modern linebacker—athletic, lean, and fast. He’s probably not going to be a three-down backer racking up 100+ tackles, but he’ll excel in sub-packages as someone who can cover RB/TE at a high level, while being sound in the run game.

On top of his obvious ability as dime or nickel linebacker, he figures to be four-way contributor on special teams. While that’s not why you draft him, when you get into this range of the draft it’s wise to fill a rotational need with a someone who can play at a high-level on special teams.

Davis-Gaither isn’t without a decent ceiling however; he has the athleticism and versatile skillset to develop into something more down the line, but that won’t be why teams draft him.


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