Eagles: 3 WR options still available in free agency

So far, we’ve seen the Eagles focus primarily on the defensive side of the ball during this free agency period. They’ve acquired interior defensive lineman Javon Hargrave, signing him to a three-year $39 million deal. Then, Howie went out and traded for Detroit Lions cornerback Darius Slay, along with signing him to a three-year extension worth $50 million.

With all the assets Roseman poured into the offense last offseason, it’s great to see him turning his attention to the defensive side of the ball this year. But the offense is still in need a legitimate wide receiver.

Does Doug Pederson have one wide receiver who he can consistently rely on right now? It’s hard to make a case for any of the wideouts on the roster at the moment.

With most of the top free agent wideouts already signed, the Eagles likely won’t find their prized receiver before the draft. But, the receiver position is so ugly for this team that any acquired wideout could help at this point.

Here are three options the Eagles could look at with the receivers who are still on the open market.

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