Pregame Birds Roundup: Predictions

Our Full Scale Philly writers are back again for this Vikings Eagles matchup in South Philly. Find out our thoughts here.

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Brian Cass – For me, I’m almost more confident the Eagles win this game against the Vikings than I was last week against the Falcons. I don’t see Case Keenum being able to do much against this defense, especially if Murray can’t get going in the run game. Keenum should be under duress all game long, and I fully expect that to cause Keenum to give it up at least once or twice. On the other side of the ball, I have faith the eagles offensive line will be able to keep Foles upright for the most part. I also have faith in Foles to do whatever he needs to win this game. Foles is a baller, straight up. When he dove on that loose ball on the goaline last week after Clement fumbled it, that told me so much about Foles and the kind of competitor that he is. He’ll put his body on the line for his team, like any true leader would. My final score prediction is 17-14 in favor of the Eagles, go Birds!!

Anthony DiRenzo –  After an unbelieveable win last week, our Eagles remain at home to take on the Vikings. Following an even more absurd game, the Vikings are riding high after what was maybe the best walkoff win in NFL history. The question is will our defense be able to handle Case Keenum and the set of weapons on this Minnesota offense. Although they have been good this season, I believe this defense can hold them more than others have. This should be a low scoring affair with Foles edging out Keenum to lead our Eagles to Victory. If the Eagles start out slow, I expect Doug to make the adjustments needed to find ways to get the ball in the endzone. With similar teams, this will be a defensive battle, and hopefully one for the ages. My prediction is 24-17 Eagles, Fly Eagles Fly!

Ryan Haynes – I can see this game going in many directions. Both teams matchup evenly, and both will try to execute the same game plan — run the ball and play great defense. Whoever has more success at that should win, and all week I felt that team would be Minnesota. With their slight edge at quarterback and in the secondary I thought the Vikings would simply make more plays than the Eagles, so I wrote up my prediction for a loss… Then I woke up this morning and realized something that, in hindsight, is actually pretty obvious: only one of these quarterbacks is entering an environment where he likely won’t be able to hear his own thoughts, let alone call an audible. I rolled my eyes last week when fans cited home-field advantage — I don’t think that sort of stuff typically applies to QBs like Matt Ryan. But as I sit here a few hours before kickoff, I simply refuse to believe that a nobody like Case Keenum will come into the Linc with the poise of a franchise QB. I don’t care what he’s done this season to prove himself worthy, he has yet to face a defense as dominant as the Birds in an environment as rowdy and dangerous as The Linc. Minnesota might outplay us for some of the game, but I think the Birds make up for that in the turnover battle thanks to three interceptions from Keenum. Call me a homer, but I’ll go 23-14 Bird Gang.

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