Doug Pederson – Coach of the year

Doug Peterson has done everything and more to prove the doubters in Philadelphia wrong this season. Through injury after injury he has proven to rally this team together and time after time show the value of that next man up mentality. Even through adversity at the Quarterback position, this team seemed to get even more motivation.  Nick Foles was up and down when handed the torch, but this coaching staff has done an outstanding job to transition Nick to that spot. Pederson is not only the coach of the future for this Eagles squad, but one of the the runaway favorites for coach of the year. He and his entire staff has done an outstanding job at preparing the team at every level. Compare him to the other hires of that offseason, and he is the last remaining. Rival New York Giants hired Ben Macadoo at the same time, and that went terribly south quickly with a first time coach. Doug faced hellfire in Philadelphia after a terrible tenure from former coach Chip Kelly. Kelly was so sought after, with such high expectations, and ended up with a mess in the locker room. The team and situation Doug acquired from Chip to now be in this position is absolutely astounding. The NFL is known for letting coaches come and go almost rapidly, but every team has one goal each year, and things happen in this business. Nobody would have thought the underdog coach could lead this underdog team to be a true competitor in a short period of time, but that guy did it. The Eagles are back to their elite status and it could not be any better. This city has been waiting for a team like this, let alone a playoff win for years. Even with the young gun Wentz out, his passion and leadership still effects this core. All around this team rallied together for the success they have found, although at all comes from the top. No matter how this ends up it was one of the most fun Eagles season of recent memory. Philadelphia will not forget this special run, and this is only the start of an exciting and thrilling new beginning for this team. Us fans in the city of brotherly love know who is most deserving of this honor. Doug Pederson more than earned the coach of the year award, and we will see how much farther he can take them on this run, one can only hope they can close out these final two victories.

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