Eagles: DeVonta Smith over Micah Parsons was absolutely the right decision

During the team’s bye week, Eagles fans were left to their own devices. And what came about on social media over the weekend was — for the lack of a better term — plain stupid.

All of Eagles Twitter chimed in on the DeVonta Smith or Micah Parsons debate. As you might recall, the Eagles traded up with the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. The Eagles were able to get their guy in Smith, while Dallas slid down a few selections to get their guy, Parsons.

Inner divisional draft day trades are a bit of a rarity, but when both teams get a clear stud, who’s complaining?

There were several fans discussing the draft day trade all over social media. Luckily, it seems like most Eagles fans are using their heads here:

I didn’t chime in on the Twitter debate because, frankly, it’s not a debate worth having. The Eagles landed their first bonified No. 1 receiver in nearly a decade. Dallas got their hands on a great defensive player with Parsons, but who’s to say the Eagles would have used him the way Dallas is?

If Jonathan Gannon and Co. didn’t project Parsons as a pass rusher, his talents would have been wasted here in Philly. He’s a very good overall linebacker, but it’s clear that his biggest strength is getting after the passer. And truth be told, Dallas didn’t realize that or even line him up on the edge until Demarcus Lawrence got injured early in the season.

That’s not to say Parsons would have been a bust here, he wouldn’t have. The team needs linebacker help regardless, so even if Gannon used him as a traditional stand-up backer, he would have filled a hole.

But imagine what this Eagles offense would look like without Smith. Jalen Reagor, Quez Watkins, and Greg Ward would be the top-three wideouts right now. Maybe Travis Fulgham would have stuck around, but that obviously doesn’t make up for Smith’s production or ability.

Wideout was the biggest hole on this offense heading into the offseason and Smith has filled it tremendously. His stat line of 50 receptions for 701 yards and four touchdowns is the most production an Eagles wideout has put forth since 2018. And if we’re being honest, Smith’s production would be even better if he had a consistent quarterback throwing him the ball.

We were all a little bored during the bye week, I get it. Sometimes debates like this breakout. But let’s just be satisfied that the Eagles didn’t miss on their first round pick this year.

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