Top 5 centers in Sixers history

1. Wilt Chamberlain – (Career Average 54% FG, 30.1 PPG)

Wilt Chamberlain is undoubtedly the best center the city of Philadelphia has ever seen.

I had some internal conflict saying this as many fans and critics point out the lack of competition and skill in the league at the time Wilt was an elite NBA star. Even so, his consistent showings of dominance stunned basketball fans, especially at this time with the game at its infancy.

How could anyone forget the impact he had on the game, with staples like his iconic 100-point game played in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Wilt entered the NBA playing for the Philadelphia Warriors, now known as the Golden State Warriors.

After four seasons in Philadelphia, the team moved to San Francisco with Wilt remaining on the roster. After a short stint in California, Wilt returned to Philadelphia on the Sixers, where he played another four years before moving onto the Los Angeles Lakers.

Wilt set the bar when it came to basketball in Philadelphia.

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