Scumbag Giants fan can’t take a joke, claims Nick Sirianni tried to fight him

The period of time between OTAs and training camp always seems excruciatingly long. We want football and we want it now. But, the great thing about this down time is we’ll occasionally get a gem of a story like this one from a random scumbag Giants fans.

His name is “Peter from Maple Shade” and he claims that Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni almost threw hands with him at a local tennis court in Haddonfield, New Jersey. He called into WFAN, a New York sports radio station, to share his testimony. Here’s a breakdown of the event, via Elite Sports NY.

WFAN caller alleged Thursday he almost threw down with the Eagles head coach while playing tennis at Centennial Park in Haddonfield, New Jersey. “Peter from Maple Shade” regaled morning show hosts Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti with the tale, saying Sirianni got upset because he — a Bronx native — was wearing a Giants cap along with a Yankees t-shirt.

Mr. Maple Shade says he was playing on the court adjacent to Sirianni and his wife when the kerfuffle occurred.

“He goes, ‘Hey, I have a problem with what you are wearing,’” the caller said. “And I go, ‘Listen bro, if you have a problem you come over here and do something about it.’”

The caller claimed Sirianni said he had a problem with someone wearing a Giants cap “on these courts.” Sirianni also allegedly repeatedly said the Giants and head coach Brian Daboll “suck.”

LOL. A part of me wishes this story was true.

Let’s break this down one step at a time.

  • Sirianni and Mr. Maple Shade cross paths at a local tennis court.
  • Sirianni busts Maple Shade’s balls about wearing New York gear.
  • Maple Shade immediately gets confrontational.
  • Sirianni allegedly tells him that the Giants and new head coach Brian Daboll suck.

Eagles fans get a bad rep for several reasons, but at least we know how to talk shit without getting physical… sometimes.

Nevertheless, this is a prime example of why Giants fans suck. Personally, I’ve never once had a productive football conversation with a Giants fan. Every time without missing a beat, they jump on the offensive. They’re like that one kid who just never knew how to take a joke and they’re only rebuttal consists of fighting or personal attacks.

I almost feel bad for Mr. Maple Shade. He got so butt hurt that Sirianni busted his chops about wearing Giants gear that he felt the need to not only say, “Look bro, if you have a problem you come over here and do something about it,” but also call into the biggest radio station in New York to look for sympathy.

Is someone sad because their team hasn’t been relevant in a decade and has the worst winning percentage in the NFL since 2017?

Mr. Maple Shade, grow up.

Giants fans, if you’re reading this, just know that this will only elevate our shit talking this year. Your team is a bottom of the barrel franchise and it’ll likely remain that way for the next few years, at the least. Just accept it. Accept that we’re better than you. It’ll make the next few seasons a little less painful.

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