Top 5 centers in Sixers history

2. Moses Malone (Career Average 49.5% FG, 30.3 PPG)

Moses Malone is often forgotten about when ranking the top-20 NBA players of all time, but he is very much deserves to be in that conversation.

Malone was the missing piece for the 80s era 76ers squad, and proved to be the perfect addition to take the team to the next level. When acquired in the 1982-’83 season, the Sixers immediately took that next step and won the finals.

The big fella was arguably one of the best trade acquisitions in NBA history. Malone stayed with the team until ’86, when he left for the Washington Bullets. Malone often gets glossed over as he seemed to be a “journeyman” type free agent, roaming from team to team in the ABA and NBA. This is a big reason why I think NBA fans don’t necessarily consider him as an all-time great center. Other than his championship year in Philadelphia, fans don’t really correlate Malone as the leader of any elite team, he was always considered as a second-tier guy, even if he played as a top tier star at times.

Moses is a huge reason the Sixers won a championship in the 80s and he should be remembered for his dominance on both ends of the floor.

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