Top-5 most disappointing Eagles teams since 2000

Us Eagles fans are no stranger to disappointment. Since I can remember, nearly every season has had Super Bowl aspirations surrounding it, with the exception of a season here and there.

I was lucky enough to be born into the greatest stretch of Eagles football in the Super Bowl era. The first losing season I recall was the 2005 campaign, the year that derailed by the Terrell Owens drama. Since 2000, I’ve only had to endure four losing seasons as an Eagles fan. So, the disappointment during my life time hasn’t been as dreadful as decades past, but with the high expectations I’ve place on my Eagles throughout the years, I’ve still felt a sense of disappointment after nearly every season.

But, not every disappointing season is built the same. This list will be comprised of those seasons that really just put us down in the dumps… and then proceeded to kick us while we were down.

Here are the top-5 most disappointing Eagles seasons since 2000.

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