Top-5 most disappointing Eagles teams since 2000

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

5. 2019-’20

Record: 9-7, NFC East Champs

Finished the season with a loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the wildcard round.

Some may try to defend last year’s Eagles team for a handful of reasons. The wide receiver position was decimated with injuries all season, the defensive secondary also dealt with an abundance of injuries. Some may even provide a silver lining, like the fact that Carson Wentz played all 16 games and carried a battered offense to a division championship.

While those above statements are true, last season was still a disappointment when you consider the kind of expectations this team had heading into the season. Usually, it’s just the fanbase that proclaims the Eagles are Super Bowl bound during the offseason, but last year’s offseason was different.

NFL analysts and sports media pundits from all over the country pegged the Eagles as a Super Bowl contender, some even claimed this squad was the most talented group in the NFL. Even head coach Doug Pederson said this team was more talented than the Super Bowl team from just two years prior.

Well, all of those high expectations got flushed down the toilet pretty quickly, as the Eagles had to scratch and claw their way through the entire season. Nothing came easy for this team — every game seemed to come down to the wire, or we flat out just got our asses kicked.

While it was encouraging to see Wentz put this team on his shoulders down the stretch, getting hurt in the first quarter of his first playoff start really felt like the 2019 season in a nutshell.

It was a season of ‘what-ifs?’, and it ultimately left me, as well as many other Eagles fans, utterly disappointed.

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