Eagles: 6 pass rushers still available in free agency

Everson Griffen

I wrote about Griffen last week. We knew that the Vikings cap situation was likely to prevent an extension between him and the only team he’s ever know, and that’s exactly what happened.

He may be 33, but he’s still effective at rushing the passer, and his first step is as quick and powerful as ever. The question the Birds needs to ask is if Griffen can be had for a fair price. While he’s still producing, he’s past his prime, and it’s possible he’s looking for prime pass rusher money.

Beyond that the Eagles aren’t in a situation to guarantee money beyond 2020—starting in 2021 the Eagles cap situation is bleak. Could Griffen be had on a one-year deal or on a front-loaded two-year deal with a third year non-guaranteed? Possibly. But the only way I see a 33 year old pass rusher joining the team is if Howie gets creative with the numbers, and if Griffen’s market underwhelms.

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