The Sixers Most Realistic Trade Target – Derrick Rose

Sixers fans have been critical of the bench the past few years, but especially so after losing a sharpshooter like JJ Reddick to free agency. With rumors looming around potential trade targets, the name that seems most relevant, and most realistic is former all-star Derrick Rose.


Reportedly the Pistons want a good bit for him, with speculations stating they want a “lottery level pick” in return for Mr. Rose. This just doesn’t seem feasible in my humble opinion, even with his recent success, a return like that just seems unlikely. He does have some impressive numbers of late, averaging 18.9 points per game and 6 assists thus far.


On the other hand, names like Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Robert Covington are floating around, and this just seems unlikely. Both of these players are in a higher pay grade, on top of Bogdanovic qualifying as a free agent moving into next season.


These guys would be a nice upgrade offensively and defensively, but I just don’t think we are in the position to try to make a big splash with the current roster. Al Horford is here to stay like it or not, and the only thing we’d be willing to give for veteran scoring is most likely a future second-round pick. The bench is up for grabs excluding Thybulle and Korkmaz with their consistent contributions. A realistic package could include a second-rounder or two, and maybe a player like Mike Scott , who has struggled this season.


No matter what the Sixers offer they should do it soon before other teams possibly pull the trigger. Rose is exactly what this team needs and other contenders such as the Lakers have been rumored to have interest in the veteran scorer.


If the team ends up whiffing on Rose come the deadline, expect buyout season to be where they fill the bench needs. They can find the bench scoring they need depending on who ends up on the market with buyouts imminent.


Despite the struggles this team has shown on the road, there is no reason to hit the panic button, we still have a young core and time to figure out the chemistry as they finish out the second half of the season. Bench scoring could go a long way in really helping the 76ers take the next step, all the concern around the team seems to be fixable with fine-tuning. If Elton Brand and company can just surround this offense with another sharpshooter many of the offensive woes can disappear.


On behalf of all Sixers fans, do the deal EB, bring in Derrick Rose.

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