Pregame Birds Round-Up: Super Bowl Predictions


Check out this weeks content or scroll to the bottom for our predictions. Go Birds!

Eagles—Patriots: These 3 Matchups Will Decide Super Bowl XLII  “The suggestion that the Eagles need to do anything extracurricular to beat the Patriots is flat out wrong. If the Birds can focus on owning these three matchups then there’s no reason to think they won’t be raising the Lombardi Trophy” More>>

Despite His Injury, Carson Wentz Should Still Win the MVP Award “As far as I’m concerned, the Eagles wouldn’t be where they’re at right now without Wentz – and that goes beyond his play on the field. This is why I believe Wentz still deserves to win the MVP award.” More>>

“Under the Radar” Eagles who might be SBLII’s Breakout Performer  “The Super Bowl has an eerie history of seeing relative “nobodies” make the leap from irrelevant to household name with breakout games. Rather than trying to predict which Birds star will show out in this matchup, let’s ponder which of their “under the radar” players has the potential for a Super Bowl defining moment.” More>>

An Open Letter In Defense of Philly Fans “Dear Minnesotans, Philly-haters, and most importantly Jim Kenney…” More>>

Here’s Where The Super Bowl Will Be Decided “If the Eagles can convert in the red zone rather than settle for field goals they should beat a Pats team that they overmatch in most areas.” More>>

Early Outlook on the Super Bowl Matchup “If there’s a team in the NFL that’s equipped and capable of knocking off the Patriots it’s the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite not having their MVP caliber QB the Birds still have all the pieces required to beat New England.” More>>

Staff Predictions

Ryan Haynes: Barring something unexpected, the line of scrimmage will be owned by Philly – to me that’s obvious. The Eagles defensive line is perfectly tailored to put 4-man pressure on Brady while the Patriots’ front-seven is mediocre at best. The only thing blurring this clear advantage is the presence of the greatest quarterback of all time on the other sideline, Tom Brady. While his greatness has been enough to mask otherwise uncharacteristic deficiencies for this Pats team all season, it won’t on this day. Two weeks ago the Birds dismantled a Minnesota team that was the most complete in football. This Patriot team is nowhere close to complete. Forget the guise of “dynasty” that they currently hide under, New England doesn’t run the ball or play defense like their Super Bowl teams of the past. Not even Tom Brady will be enough to overcome that. Eagles 27 Patriots 13

Brian Cass: They say any team can be beaten on any given day. And today, the evil empire known as the New England Patriots will be beaten by our Philadelphia Eagles. The relentless disrespect they’ve gotten all season will be taken out on Tom Brady and company tonight. From being counted out in both playoff games, to Doug Pederson receiving only one vote for Coach of the Year – The Eagles haven’t gotten a lick of respect all year. No team, no city, no fanbase deserves a Super Bowl victory more than Philadelphia. The Birds defense will be well rested so expect them to fly to the ball on every play. Also expect the Eagles to dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The only aspect of the this game that gives me any sense of doubt, is which Nick Foles will show up. If the playoff version of Foles shows up, I have no doubt the Eagles will win. Honestly, if Foles plays like he did against the Vikings I don’t think this game will be all that close. For my prediction, I’m going 34-14 Birds. It’s time to bring home the hardware baby. GO BIRDS!!

Anthony DiRenzo: The day is here, Super Bowl LII. Our Philadelphia Eagles are facing off against the loathed New England Patriots, and the time has come for revenge. The Eagles have proven the league wrong all season, and it is time to do that one final time. With so much disrespect coming their way by way of national media, and also in the league itself. The Eagles are not underdogs by any means, if you look at each roster it is clear to see which team is more talented. Vegas once again has the Eagles listed as underdogs against the evil empire that is Brady and Belichick. Our defense will get to Tom Brady today, with the Patriots having one of the worst offensive lines of his tenure, and the 29th ranked defense in the NFL. The stars are aligned in a rematch of two talented teams. Nick Foles needs to keep that composure he had last week, staying calm even when there could be frustrating plays here and there. Nick Foles is going to surprise the Patriots and manage this game to the best of their ability.  My prediction is 31-21 Eagles its time to bring it home, this is what we and our ancestors have been waiting for, cherish this moment Philadelphia, I know I will.



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