Skip Bayless: The Cowboy Troll

Throughout my years of watching nationally televised sports networking like ESPN or FS1, I’ve learned that they’re not always a reliable source of information and analysis. For the most part, each talk show features the bias opinions and hot takes of the commentators who run them. No talking head embodies that bias quite like Skip Bayless, who has made his living as one of the most recognizable and controversial sports opinionists in the business. Unlike many of his peers, Skip didn’t get to where he’s at now for spot-on analysis or commentary. He’s infamous for the complete opposite reason. His biased opinions and lack of awareness in the sports’ world leaves a lot of people scratching their head, including myself. He’s said things like; Johnny Manziel will be a franchise quarterback, he made light of the horrific Gordon Hayward injury in a tweet, and even claimed that RGIII would eventually be a better quarterback than Andrew Luck down the line. I seriously question whether Skip even believes what he spews out to his audience, but, then I remember he’s a Cowboys fan, and it all starts to make a little bit more sense – kind of.


I have no problem with Skip defending his Cowboys just as long as he debates with factual and relevant information. But that’s the problem: he never backs up any of his arguments with facts. Most of the time, he just ‘feels’ that the Cowboys will win the division, or he just ‘feels’ that Carson Wentz is a “deer in headlights” when he gets pressured. If he’s watched any film whatsoever there is no way he could conclude and say these things with a clear conscience; there have been several times where Wentz has made something out of nothing because the pocket caved in on him. When you look at the numbers, they only confirm the tape. Carson Wentz has been blitzed at a league high rate this season and has thrown for 7 touchdowns and 0 interceptions when being blitzed. Not to mention, the Eagles’ offense is 50.5 percent on third down conversions, which is the best in the league. The way I see it, there are two possibilities that exist. Either Skip neglects both the tape and statistics — which makes me question why he has his job — or, he sees those things yet decides to willfully lie on National Television — which, come to think of it, also makes me question why he has his job. He lets his emotions get in the way of his analysis which is the worst thing you can do as a sports commentator, or any news commentator for that matter.


His warped opinions about the Cowboys have gotten so bad that he desperately attempts to discredit any other team that does well. This is especially true for our Philadelphia Eagles. It seems like the better the Eagles do, the more ridiculous Skip’s commentary gets. The birds sit atop the NFC East at 6-1 while his Cowboys are tied for second place with the Redskins at 3-3. Anyone want to take a guess at who Skip still thinks is still going to win the NFC East? Of course, it’s the Cowboys. Coming off a dominating victory against the winless 49ers Skip went ahead and anointed the Cowboys NFC East champs, because everyone knows once you beat the worst team in the NFC nothing can stand in your way, right? The Eagles just so happen to be playing the 49ers this week, it’ll be interesting to see how different Skip treats them if they win in the same fashion his Cowboys did. If history is any sort of indicator, he will scoff at any success they have.
Skip’s act is getting old. I find myself actively trying to avoid his show, Undisputed, on FS1 every morning. This man is not fit to continue spewing nonsense to a national audience, his persona and bias have become unbearable. Every time he talks about the Eagles, I just see another Cowboys’ troll.


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