Is It Fair to Anoint Carson Wentz the Mid-Season MVP?

For most NFL quarterbacks, their biggest leap in development occurs from year one to year two. Carson Wentz is no different, he exemplifies this notion; as he has outperformed in nearly every area of his game this season.

He leads the NFL in touchdown passes with 19, three more than he had his entire rookie season. He has a quarterback rating of 101.6, along with a 116.7 rating inside the red zone.  The red zone as always been the kryptonite of the Eagles, dating all the way back to the Andy Reid era. With Wentz under center; what once used to be our biggest weakness, has turned into our biggest strength. Wentz has 13 touchdowns with zero interceptions and he has taken zero sacks inside of the red zone this season. That stat line is something to marvel at, especially when you consider the fact that Wentz is only a second-year quarterback. The remarkable stats don’t stop there either. When the Eagles are down by a touchdown or more, Wentz plays his best football. When down by a margin of 8-14; Wentz’s QB rating is 113.7 with a 67.2 completion percentage, not to mention he averages nine yards per completion as well.

So, is it fair to say Carson Wentz is the NFL MVP through eight games? Let’s compare Wentz’s stats to another perennial MVP front runner; Tom Brady. Through eight games Brady has 16 touchdowns to only two interceptions with a QB rating of 106.5, about five points higher than Wentz’s. Brady’s red zone stats have always been amazing, but this season Wentz has the slight edge over the future Hall of Famer. Brady’s QB rating inside the red zone is 102.4, just about 14 points lower than Wentz’s. Brady’s completion percentage inside the red zone is also a bit lower than Wentz’s; Brady has a 56.8 completion percentage while Wentz sits at 65.6. Wentz has also performed better with a deficit. When down by a margin of 8-14, Brady’s QB rating is a 95.4; that’s about 18 points lower than Wentz’s when facing the same situation. However, Brady does hold the edge over Wentz in some categories. For instance, Brady’s QB rating in the final two minutes of a half is a ridiculous 124.8. Wentz’s rating during the final two minutes is far lower than Brady’s, although he still sits at a respectable 105.7.

The stats don’t lie, and by looking at the stats it’s easy to see that Wentz has been nothing short of outstanding this season. It’s hard to imagine this team still being 7-1 without Wentz under center, and that’s what a true MVP is; a player who their team simply can’t live without. The Eagles are talented and I’m sure Wentz would humbly atrribute his success to the coaches and pieces around him, he’s a selfless leader. At the beginning of the season I said this team will go as far as Carson Wentz takes them; if he keeps playing at an MVP level, there’s nothing this team can’t achieve.


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