Eagles: Howie Roseman cracks Top-10 in latest NFL GM rankings

Love him or hate him, Eagles GM Howie Roseman is one of the best general managers in the game right now. He helped pave the way for a lot of the modern team building trends we see around the NFL today and he consistently wins almost every trade he pulls off. We’re lucky to have him in Philly.

NBC Sports Edge recently dropped their official NFL general manager rankings for the 2022 season where they ranked every single GM from best to worst. Howie managed to place inside the top-10, coming in at No. 8. Here was their reasoning:

Don’t like the Howie Roseman weather? Just wait five minutes. Somehow already on his second successful post-Chip Kelly rebuild, Roseman has assembled a typically excellent offensive line and typically shaky homegrown receiver corps. Roseman decided to go outside the house for his latest reinforcement, trading first- and third-round picks for A.J. Brown. It was a sound move for a man who keeps bombing his wideout selections, if yet another heavy investment in a position he should have had settled by now. It’s ultimately just a minor quibble for an executive who does an excellent job stockpiling talent in the trenches and hoping the rest works itself out. That plan has come half true at quarterback, where Jalen Hurts didn’t prevent the team from making the playoffs in 2021 but could have had more to do with it. If Hurts lacks a second gear, Roseman has left himself well positioned to find his replacement with another pair of 2023 first-rounders. Roseman is a whirlwind, but one that has made the playoffs four times in five years and has a Lombardi Trophy to show for it.    


Howie Roseman had arguably the best offseason of any GM in football this year. Not only did he give Jalen Hurts all the ammo hs needs to succeed, Howie completely revamped the Eagles defense. On paper, Jonathan Gannon’s defense should be a top-5 unit this year.

Pulling off two successful rebuilds post-Chip Kelly is a remarkable feat in itself. The first led to a Super Bowl parade down broad street. What ultimately comes of the second rebuild is yet to be seen, but it’s hard to deny that the Eagles are trending in the right direction.

The sentiment this city has for Howie is like a rollercoaster ride. One year, the Philly folks are standing at the ready with pitchforks ready to overthrow the organization. The next, fans are bowing to Howie like he’s some ancient deity sent here to liberate us. Being a Philly fan is wild.

At the end of the day, Howie is a great general manager and even when he appears to have lost his way, he turns around to remind us of his genius. In Howie we trust.

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