Eagles: 7-Round Mock Draft 9.0

This NFL Draft is finally just seven days away and the collective excitement (anxiety?) of the football world can’t be overstated.

Howie Roseman and the Eagles have a total of ten picks in their war chest, with five coming in the first 101 selections. Despite a relative lack of true blue-chip talent at the very top of the class, this prospect pool is one of the deeper in recent cycles (which makes sense given expanded eligibility from the 2020 Covid-impacted season). Hitting on a number of these picks is crucial to accelerating the franchise’s window of contention after a step in the right direction last season.

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Without further ado, Mock Draft 9.0…

*TRADE* Eagles receive 11th overall—Washington receives 15th, 83rd, 154th overall, and a 2023 4th Rd pick

1 (11) Derek Stingley


The price to move up for Stingley was understandably high, but I don’t think it’s too rich of a cost to acquire a prospect who was once considered, and potentially still is the most talented player in this class. He checks every box at corner—size, quick feet, loose hips, natural instincts—and has consistently dominated high-level competition from a young age. This is one of a few best-case-scenarios for the Eagles, don’t overthink it.

*TRADE* Eagles receive 23rd overall and a 2023 4th Rd pick—Cardinals receive 18th overall

1 (23) Treylon Burks

WR, Arkansas

Sliding back a few spots to recoup next year’s fourth rounder and still grabbing Burks is an undoubted win here. My WR1 is the biggest YAC-threat in this class, and has the combination of size, speed, and wiggle to beat defenders of every shape and size. Decent, yet still developing route-running and flashes of elite ball skills round out a prospect with a high floor and ridiculous upside.

2 (51) Kerby Joseph

S, Illinois

Joseph is a long, rangy ball-hawk with the physicality to play both safety spots. He would immediately fill the hole left in the secondary by Rodney McLeod, and offers the versatility to better unlock Gannon’s schemes. I probably could have traded back a few spots here, but decided to grab a universally-liked prospect at a spot of need.

3 (101) Sam Williams

EDGE, Ole Miss

Williams is a speed-to-power rusher with the ideal size and elite explosive traits to win against pro tackles. Character concerns—poor grades, a battery charge that was ultimately dropped—will push an otherwise top-50 level prospect into the third round, but obvious double-digit sack upside makes this is a gamble worth taking at 101.

4 (123) Rasheed Walker


Walker is a developmental prospect with the requisite size, athleticism, and foot-speed to hang at tackle. Despite ample experience at Penn State, he’ll need to refine his technique and tap into his athletic traits more consistently before having a meaningful impact in the NFL. This is the perfect range in the draft to add a moldable piece of clay for Jeff Stoutland.

5 (162) Grant Calcaterra


Calcaterra’s combination of speed and ball-skills shouldn’t last until day three, but a history of concussions makes it a possibility. If he’s around this late the Eagles should jump at a prospect who would be an immediate contributor in the passing game and legitimate threat in the red zone.

5 (166) Hassan Haskins

RB, Michigan

Fresh legs are the name of the game at running back, and I expect Howie to add a pair to the committee at some point in this draft. Haskins is a short-yardage type with sneaky wiggle and a proven skillset in pass protection. There’s nothing sexy about this pick, but he’ll fill a role in the Eagles backfield from day one.

7 (237) Tayland Humphrey

NT, Louisiana-Lafayette

As Gannon shifts the Eagles defense further toward true odd fronts he’d be wise to add a space-eater who can plug the A gap on base downs. Humphrey is a classic nose tackle who obviously lacks upside, but is able to contribute immediately.

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