Howie Roseman is at it again; Eagles agree to blockbuster deal with Saints

Howie Roseman fleecing another franchise through a draft trade has become a tradition here in Philadelphia. Last year, he managed to unload Carson Wentz and his contract for the Colts first-round pick this year and a third-round pick last year. He also convinced Miami to send the Eagles their 12th overall pick in last year’s draft, their fourth-round selection, and an additional first-round pick in 2022 for the Eagles sixth overall pick.

This year, the Saints have become Howie’s latest victim.

Eagles receive:

  • No. 18 overall
  • No. 101 overall (third-round)
  • No. 237 overall (seventh-round)
  • 2023 first-round pick
  • 2024 second-round pick

Saint receive:

  • No. 16 overall
  • No. 19 overall
  • No. 194 overall (sixth-round)

Howie out did himself with this one. By giving up both their 16th and 19th overall selections in this year’s draft, Howie was able to split the difference between the picks essentially by grabbing the 18th pick, while also securing a first-round pick for next year. Many fans and pundits speculated that Howie was looking to add another first-round pick for next year, so this shouldn’t be a shock.

Aside from the first-round swaps, the Eagles also secured another top-150 pick in this year’s draft along with a seventh-rounder. Not to mention an additional second-rounder in 2024.

Here’s an updated look at all of the Eagles picks now:

The Eagles will still have 10 picks total this year, along with an additional first-rounder for next year and another second-rounder for the following year.

It’s hard to comprehend just how lopsided this trade it. The Eagles still have multiple first round picks this year, along with multiple third-round picks, while also stacking up on picks in future years. This seems like the type of haul a team would get for trading away a top-5 pick, not two middle of the order first-rounders.

Honestly, I’m not sure how Howie keeps getting away with this kind of robbery. Will GMs around the league ever catch on? I certainly hope not.

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