Brady finally addresses not shaking Nick Foles’ hand following Super Bowl loss

Finally. After years of Philly fans hammering Tom Brady for not shaking Nick Foles‘ hand after Super Bowl 52, Brady was finally asked about it.

During Brady’s mid-week press conference leading up to his matchup with the Eagles this Sunday, AP NFL writer Rob Maaddi — a former Eagles reporter — asked Brady about the infamous diss toward Foles.

Part of me just wishes Brady came out and said something like, “Yeah, I know I didn’t shake his hand. Who cares,” rather than completely dismissing it. Because, I mean, we all know he knows Eagles fans haven’t let that go, right?

If he’s aware of Philly fans ripping him for dropping a pass in the Super Bowl, I find it hard to believe he is completely oblivious to this. We’re not buying it, Tom.

Brady and Foles have only met twice on the field. Super Bowl 52, of course, and last season in Chicago, when Foles defeated Brady again as the starting quarterback for the Bears. So when Brady says, “I’ve shaken Nick’s hand plenty of times,” he must mean off the field. You know, not right after Foles beat him in front of a national audience.

This obviously has no impact on Sunday’s game between the Eagles and Buccaneers. Foles is long gone and now it’s Jalen Hurts’ turn to try and upset the best quarterback of all time. If Hurts does come out on top, hopefully Brady spares some time to be a good sport this time around.

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