Eagles: Darius Slay does not deserve blame for defensive woes

One of the more confusing story lines coming out of Week 4’s loss to Kansas City involved cornerback Darius Slay. While Eagles fans and pundits were quick to assign blame for Sunday’s loss, an unusual amount of people on social media decided to point the finger at Slay.

I’m still trying to figure out what Glen Macnow is trying to say in that first Tweet. But this was just the tip of the iceberg from Slay haters.

When the defense gives up 42 points and allows five touchdowns, of course the secondary will get the bulk of the blame for that performance. But singling out Slay in this particular instance is off base.

Against Kansas City, Slay gave up two receptions for 19 yards. On the year, he’s allowed 14 receptions on 22 targets for 106 yards, which averages out to just 7.6 yards per completion, according to Pro Football Focus. He’s allowed a passer rating over 100 in just one game this year, and in every other game the passer rating when targeting him has been under 70. He’s committed only one penalty so far, and the two touchdowns he’s surrendered on the year both came against Dallas in Week 3.

If we want to nitpick, Slay’s inability to create turnovers is a bit discouraging. He’s only recorded one interception since joining the Eagles. Regardless, pointing the finger at Slay for the defensive shortcomings this year is just wrong.

Out of all the players on the defense, Slay has been one of the most consistent. He’s been by far the best cornerback the Eagles have had in a long time. That’s not a high bar to cross, but it’s important to note nonetheless.

There are several teams that would kill to have a corner of Slay’s caliber on their defense. The defending Super Bowl champs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would probably give up some nice draft capital to acquire him.

If you’re mad about what happened to this Eagles defense on Sunday, I get it. I’m right there with you. But don’t direct your anger at one of the lone defensive bright spots on this roster.

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