Hart and Giroux must continue solid play heading into Boston game

It would have been really nice if the Flyers could have grabbed both points against the New York Islanders this past Saturday, but they fell in the shootout and only secured one. Instead of looking at a three-point deficit in the standings, the Flyers are four points behind the Boston Bruins, who they face tonight.

I have mentioned it a few times in the last couple of weeks, but the Flyers are incredibly lucky the Bruins have been having the consistency problems they have been having. The Bruins have not won more than two games consecutively since mid-February. It seems that the further we get into this season, the impact of Zdeno Chara’s departure grows greater. A good defenseman leaving, and the hole not being adequately filled, sounds kind of familiar right?

Anyways, in a game where the Flyers outshot New York 32-24 and could not cash in on a first period 5 on 3 powerplay, there are not that many positives. However, Carter Hart looked quite good, better than he has most of this season and especially this past month. He made multiple key glove saves throughout the game and held the Islanders scoreless in the shootout through the first three shooters.

During postgame, his demeanor was just way more relaxed and just seemed in a way better place with his game. That could be quite important for the Flyers the rest of the season, of course the defense still leaves a lot to be desired.

Due to Tuukka Rask’s lingering injury and Jaroslav Halak being sidelined due to COVID, the Flyers will be facing third-string goalie Dan Vladar tonight. I cannot help but think back to the many times we have been shutdown by backups and third stringers throughout the years, but hopefully the Flyers play an aggressive game and try and take advantage of the situation.

With the New York Rangers now tied with us in the standings with 39 points, the Flyers just need to start winning games, simple as that. Claude Giroux gave a great effort Saturday, but he cannot do it alone. The man has had to do it so too many times before.

Speaking of G, he is having an under-the-radar really good season. Of course we all know he has always been an elite powerplay guy, but check this out:

More news, Sam Morin and Shayne Gostisbehere have been recalled back to the main roster today. After seeing how Morin’s physical presence brings something that the Flyers have not had all season, hopefully Morin can continue to make the most of his opportunity. He is not someone I would want to trade punches with, that is for sure.

The Bruins host the orange and black tonight at 7:00 PM. Let’s hope for this two-game losing skid to end.

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