Eagles: Now that Sirianni is here, it’s up to Wentz to perform

Carson Wentz — despite being the worst starting quarterback in football this past season — got his wish this offseason. He has a new head coach and he’ll have a completely new offensive coaching staff around him for the foreseeable future.

The organization, for better or worse, has allowed their franchise quarterback to have enormous power over them. Which isn’t that surprising or out of the ordinary for a franchise quarterback making over $30 million per season, but it is a little troublesome when that quarterback is coming off such an abysmal year.

We all know how bad Wentz was in 2020, I don’t need to go over all the stats here. But I do believe he’s salvageable, and I believe Sirianni could be the man to do it — only time will tell.

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At the end of the day, it’s up to Wentz to right the ship. These new coaches can tell him how to fix some of his mechanical issues until they’re blue in the face, but unless Wentz actually takes steps towards improving, nothing they say will matter.

Throughout this past season, and ever since the offseason began, all we’ve heard from local reporters is how un-coachable Wentz is. That he routinely scoffed at the coaching he received from Doug Pederson or Press Taylor. It’s impossible for any of us to know whether that’s 100% true or not, but I’m sure there’s some truth to it. I’m sure he and Pederson didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things — we saw the clear disconnect manifest on the field every Sunday this season.

The only way Wentz can change this narrative is by performing well in 2021. He may have four more years left on his contract, but if Wentz doesn’t bounce back into form this upcoming season, he could be gone after the year. Especially if the same disregard for coaching occurs.

And we can’t forget about the Jalen Hurts factor. With him waiting in the wings, and as a quarterback who’s always been open to coaching, Wentz can’t afford to under-perform for a second straight season.

Some may believe Sirianni is a ‘yes’ man and will do whatever the front office tells him to do, but some of the reports regarding Sirianni would indicate otherwise. Here’s what NFL insider Mike Garafolo had to say about the Wentz/Sirianni dynamic:

New Eagles coach Nick Sirianni focused on two tasks right now: filling out his coaching staff and reaching out to players currently on the roster. I’m told one player he’s already touched based with is Carson Wentz. And, remember, we told you during the coaching search the front office told candidates that they believe Wentz can be salvaged and that they want him to continue to be the quarterback going forward … but the coach would have a lot of input in that regard. So let’s see where this goes with Sirianni and Wentz, they’re expected to have more communication in the near future. And I can tell you this: according to a source as of this morning, no trade request from Carson Wentz.

The part that should standout to most fans is that Sirianni “would have a lot of input” when it comes to who the QB is moving forward. So if Wentz doesn’t bounce back or continues to be resistant to coaching, Sirianni could opt to move forward with Hurts, or maybe another quarterback not currently on the roster.

All of this can be avoided if Wentz just plays like the quarterback we’ve seen him be in the past.


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