Eagles: A full-blown rebuild should be on the horizon

When you’re football team is 4-10-1, it’s impossible to pin all of the blame on one player or one coach. The Eagles are a train wreck right now, from top to bottom.

Howie Roseman and his personnel department have put together the second highest payroll in the NFL, and their team is on the brink of having a top-5 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. The coaching staff has failed to develop any of their young talent and they continuously misuse their personnel.

Doug Pederson and Howie should be gone after this season’s over. I struggle to find any redeeming qualities in either of them, and the quickest way to get things back on the right track when things are this bad is just starting over.

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It may feel like a cop-out answer, but how does Jeffrey Lurie justify giving either of these guys another chance? After Sunday’s loss, the Eagles have a losing record since the Super Bowl victory, 22-23-1. Sure, they managed to make the postseason the past two seasons, but they only won nine games in each season and gave themselves no room for error in the final stretches of those seasons.

The Eagles are 14-21-1 in the first 12 weeks of the last three seasons. They’ve been a bad team for the better part of the past three years.

1983-1985, when Marion Campbell was the Birds head coach, was the last time an Eagles team failed to win 10 games in three straight seasons under the same coach. Campbell was fired midway through his third straight losing season, as you probably could’ve guessed.

If it wasn’t for the SB victory three years ago, whether to fire Doug or Howie wouldn’t even be a debate. They’d be canned as soon as the season was over, Doug may have gotten fired already.

There’s no clear path back to relevancy for this team. All we can do is hope Lurie realizes just how far this team has fallen since being on top of the football world in 2017. Rarely do you see a team as complete as the 2017 Eagles become a laughing stock in the matter of just a few years. The potential with that team was limitless, and both Pederson and Howie failed at nearly every step of the way since the parade down broad street.

We can’t expect this current organization to miraculously figure it out. They had one good season together, one. It was as good as it can get, but it doesn’t matter anymore. The Super Bowl is a distant memory at this point and it shouldn’t influence Lurie’s decisions this offseason.

Changes should be on the horizon for the Eagles.

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