Eagles vs. Seahawks: A game that has all the makings of a disaster

The line for the Eagles-Seahawks game is currently at +6.5 for Philly, but this game doesn’t feel like it’ll be that close.

The general consensus around Philadelphia is pretty bleak. Most fans see this game as a looming disaster, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Seahawks have beaten the Eagles in their last six matchups, the Birds’ longest current losing streak to any team. Russell Wilson has never lost to the Eagles, posting a 5-0 record. D.K. Metcalf is still living in every Eagles fans’ mind rent free. The list goes on.

But what really has this fanbase feeling weary about this game isn’t what Seattle brings to the field, it’s more so about what the Eagles currently are. If the season ended today, Philly would have the sixth overall selection in the NFL Draft. They have three wins, but all of them could have gone the other way if it weren’t for detrimental injuries to the opposing teams, along with a few lucky bounces that went the Eagles way.

In the week leading up to this Monday night affair, reports surfaced that owner Jeffrey Lurie was ‘disgusted’ with the current state of his team. He didn’t attend their last game against the Browns — Lurie rarely ever misses a game. And reports stated Lurie has walked off his team’s practice field, frustrated with what he’s seeing out there.

There was another report from the Philadelphia Inquirer that Doug Pederson wouldn’t necessarily be unhappy if he was fired at the end of the season, due to growing frustration with the organization. And to top it all off, on the eve of gameday, NFL Network reported that the Eagles plan to increase Jalen Hurts’ snap count and take Carson Wentz off the field when Hurts is out there.

To put it bluntly, the Eagles have become a cluster fuck of idiocy in 2020. A steep fall from where they were just three years ago, hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after defeating the greatest dynasty in professional sports.

On Monday night, while the whole country watches, we may get to witness the true beginning of the end. The end of the Doug Pederson era in Philly, the end of Wentz being the face of this franchise, and maybe even the end of Howie Roseman’s tenure as the general manager.

Facing a team the Eagles just can’t seem to ever beat, the festering exasperation within this organization may come to a head.

We’ve seen Pederson’s team fight with their backs against the wall before, but never in a situation like this. And we haven’t seen any glimpses of it this season.

Maybe this team comes out and shows some heart. Maybe the outside noise motivates them enough to at least keep the game close. But this is all wishful thinking.

The Eagles are on the brink of disaster, and it all hinges on the outcome of this game.

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