Josh Harris, please sell the 76ers

The Sixers ownership group has been surrounded in controversy ever since the entire process started. Owner Josh Harris, CEO of the Harris and Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, has been in the headlines due to his initial 76ers pay cuts, and now he supposedly has interest in buying the New York Mets. Harris is also the owner of the New Jersey Devils.

Josh Harris is just a careless owner. He gave the league a horrible look when the 76ers pay cuts were announced during COVID-19, and if it wasn’t for Joel Embiid, he probably would’ve gone through with that.

With these reports, there’s speculation that Harris & Blitzer would like to move away from their current TV deals and create their own platform to showcase the Sixers, Devils and Mets. With that being said, growing up in any of these areas, you know all of these fanbases do not get along at all. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the region who cheers for those three teams specifically.

If Harris commits to this, he is bound to hear constant chatter from fans on from all sides. Philly fans will act like he’s just a billionaire trying to make his way into the NYC market, while New Yorkers will constantly bash him for any small problem because he owns a Philly team.

Harris & Blitzer better know what they’re doing if this report is a serious consideration for their business. Not many owners dip their feet into multiple markets, it could lead to a slippery slope with the rivaled nature that NYC and Philadelphia traditionally has.

I wouldn’t even care if Harris seemed to give a shit about the Sixers, but he continues to proves he doesn’t. Both the Sixers and Devils seem to lack a good front office structure or a cohesive plan. A good organization starts from the top, and frankly, it’s amazing that the Sixers aren’t a complete joke with some of the distractions that have plagued the franchise under this regime.

At the end of the day if Harris & Blitzer buy the Mets it would most likely change nothing. The Sixers front office will still be in shambles as long as this clown runs the show. I think I’m speaking for all Sixer fans when I say this… JOSH HARRIS: SELL. THE. TEAM.

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