Eagles draft Jack Driscoll 145th overall

The Eagles needed some offensive line depth heading into this draft. Jack Driscoll out of Auburn will certainly provide that for offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland.

He should be a great fit on the Eagles line. He’s very fluid with his movement, possesses nimble feet and he moves laterally well. Stoutland usually prefers athletic lineman, which was evidenced last season with the Andre Dillard pick, and even more so with this pick.

Driscoll does struggle a bit with his fundamental strength. In the running game he doesn’t push lineman they way you’d like, plus he has a tendency for getting beat on bull rushes in pass sets.

Putting Driscoll in an NFL training program should easily fix that and add some strength.

Driscoll is also a very smart ball player, so he should have no issue picking up the Eagles blocking schemes.

He obviously won’t be asked to start from day one; ideally he won’t be asked to start at all, he’ll just be a nice backup. But, if Dillard proves to be a bust like some fans anticipate, Driscoll provides the offense with a solid backup plan at the position.

Offensive line depth was a pretty underrated need heading into this draft, but it was a need nonetheless. The Eagles have successfully addressed that need with this pick.

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