Eagles Draft Davion Taylor 103rd Overall

The 50 picks in between “the Jalen Hurts pick”—as it will likely come to be know one way or another—and the teams compensatory third round pick at 103 were a pretty rough three hours, in what are fairly rough times these days.

Thankfully this pick isn’t as controversial, with the team selecting a linebacker from Colorado, Davion Taylor.

I don’t know a ton about Taylor except that he’s light, athletic, and fast as hell—scouts describe him as having rare speed and burst to close on ball-carriers. Despite a profile that would suggest he might get wiped away in the run game, he supposedly holds up well in this area, with a good understanding of angles and willingness to get his nose dirty; not to mention his speed makes him a tough block in space.

I somewhat expected the team to go after a more traditional Mike linebacker, but if he’s developed correctly Taylor could be a weak-side backer in base packages and the dollar ($) LB in sub-packages. Think like a Tony Jefferson type when he was in Arizona.

He’s light enough and possesses the traits to excel in pass coverage. This pick is a real high-upside selection by Howie, and at the very least he’s considered a good sub-package backer with four-way special teams ability.

There’s a handful of players I actually would have preferred here, but I can live with this pick.

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