Eagles: The ideal outcome from day 1 of the NFL Draft

We’ve theorized about several possibilities for the Eagles in this year’s draft.

If we’re being honest with ourselves as fans, the reason so many different picks and theories have been tossed around is because this team has a lot of holes to fill.

Aside from the obvious need at wideout, the Eagles sorely need help at linebacker and safety, and they could use some depth along the offensive line, defensive line and at corner. I would be surprised if Howie didn’t draft a player at each position I just listed.

Currently, the team has eight draft picks, including three in the fourth round. That’s a solid amount of picks, but if Howie seriously wants to inject some youth into this team, it would behoove him to try and gain some more draft capital.

One easy way to do this is trading back in the first round. Unless someone like Henry Ruggs falls to the Eagles at No. 21, which is highly unlikely, there’s really no reason the team should stay put at that spot. Wideout is the biggest need facing the Eagles and they could grab a very solid one later in the first round, somewhere in the 26-29 range.

The Seattle Seahawks could be a solid candidate to trade with at No. 27 in the first round. They currently have the same amount of draft picks as the Eagles, but they are only an offensive lineman or two away from being serious contenders in the NFC. If they see an offensive line prospect they love fall to the Eagles at No. 21, a trade-up makes a lot of sense.

If the Eagles worked out a trade with Seattle to swap first round picks, Seattle would have to give up a later round pick as well. They have two second round picks (No. 59 overall and No. 64 overall), and they have one third round pick (No. 101 overall). If Howie was able to snag any of these picks from Seattle on top of their No. 27 overall selection it would be a major win.

Philly would still be able to grab a solid receiver at No. 27 — Jalen Reagor, Denzel Mims or maybe K.J Hamler — while gaining an extra pick to help fill the void at linebacker or safety.

When everything’s taken into account, trading back always seems like the right thing to do. The team still fills its biggest need in the first round while also gaining an extra pick to help fill other holes.

If this turns out to be what transpires on day one of the NFL Draft, Eagles fans should be very pleased.

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