Eagles Prospect Profile: Jalen Reagor

While there’s much debate on how to rank the Eagles’ needs, there seems to be a consensus that wide receiver is at the top of the list. You can check out my top-20 rankings for the 2020 WR class here.

While I listed Jalen Reagor slightly behind Justin Jefferson at WR5, it was truly neck and neck and had I done that list after his pro-day I likely would have made a swap.

The 4.22 and 4.28 40-yard dash times are what was expected of Reagor at the combine, so it’s good to see he was able to hit those marks at his pro day. I fully understand the conditions of these pro-day workouts are more favorable to the player, and better scores are generally expected, but that’s a lazy generalization as it relates to Reagor.

Reagor is a burner and a jitterbug—this is well-understood, and evident on film—and his camp was pretty open about the fact that he wanted to get his weight up for the combine and look “chiseled” for evaluators, as to allay size/durability concerns. He did just that and posted eye-popping broad and long-jump scores in the process (#2 WR for both drills).

However, the decision to bulk up predictably resulted in worse than expected 40-yard dash and 3-cone times, and people started screaming about a “poor combine” for Reagor, and aggregators accordingly wrote “Reagor falling down Draft boards.” None of which was true—he showed up and did what he came to do.

It was certainly refreshing to see the staggering 40-times he posted at his pro-day. Reagor is as fast as anyone in this class and isn’t just a straight-line speed guy either—he’s uber-twitchy and bends like a human joystick. I’d say he’s the lite-version of Henry Ruggs, but Reagor is every bit as talented.

Here’s a rep against the number one overall corner in this years class, Jeff Okudah.

Here’s the full tape of his reps vs. a Buckeyes defense loaded with NFL talent.

A lot of the passes sent his way were poorly thrown in that video, and if you followed TCU that apparently wouldn’t come as a surprise.

Yet he still produced 148 catches for 2,248 yards and 22 TDs in his three years as a Horned Frog.

Reagor is a legitimate vertical threat who will demand respect over the top, and is also a YAC-monster capable of making tacklers miss in the open field. The team has desperately tried surround Wentz with a Golden Tate type, and a Desean Jackson type, and Reagor is an impressive blend of both of those skillsets.

While he’s only 5’11” his ability to climb the ladder is unparalleled in this class, with maybe the exception of CeDee Lamb and Peoples-Jones. Complaints about drops are being way overblown—though understandable with the scars from Agholor still so fresh.

Reagor would also provides the Eagles with their biggest threat at punt returner since the early Sproles days.

This guy is a playmaker and competitor through and through. He’s being grouped in the same range as Denzel Mims and Tee Higgins, but he puts a prospect like Higgins to shame (it’s not close), and while I like Mims, Reagor fits the Eagles description of what they want in this WR much closer than Mims.

As the Draft draws closer it’s becoming clear that Reagor is rising up boards, and while I had the Eagles taking him in a trade back to pick 30 in my latest mock draft, I’m starting to doubt his availability there. I would endorse the Eagles using the 21st pick on Reagor, and am starting to prefer they take Raegor to Justin Jefferson if both players are available.

If you’re still reading at this point, I’ll leave you with a highlight reel:


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