Eagles: Jason Kelce getting snubbed for the NFL’s All-Decade team is inexcusable

On Monday, the NFL officially released their All-Decade team for the 2010s. Some obvious names from the Eagles made the cut, like Jason Peters, former running back LeSean McCoy and Fletcher Cox all made the team. Seeing Darren Sproles make the team as a flex was also a nice surprise.

But one player who was inexcusably left off the team, was center Jason Kelce. The two who ended up making it over him were Maurkice Pouncey and Alex Mack. Kelce didn’t even make the top 10 snubs list that the NFL put out either, which is just unreal.

Kelce’s been a first team All-Pro for the past three seasons. Mack has never been a first team All-Pro in his career and Pouncey hasn’t been a first team All-Pro since 2014. Not to mention, neither have won a Super Bowl this decade, and Kelce was arguably the most valuable player on that 2017 championship Eagles team.

Kelce has revolutionized what being a center in the NFL entails. Despite his short stature, Kelce is still one of the best run blocking centers in football, as he graded out as the best run blocking center in the league last season according to Pro Football Focus.

He pulls like a guard, which is unheard of at the NFL level. There isn’t a single center in football who can do what Kelce does on the field, point blank.

Kelce has been the anchor of one of the best offensive lines in football for the better part of this decade. Without him, this offensive line as a whole just wouldn’t be as dominant as it’s been.

Ask anyone in the Eagles organization, “which of your offensive lineman would be the hardest to replace,” and without a doubt, I’m willing to bet every single one would say Kelce. Simply put, there isn’t another center in football who can do what Kelce does on the football field. He’s not only the most valuable piece on our offensive line, he’s arguably the most valuable player on our entire team.

At the end of the day, whoever voted on this list should be ashamed of themselves for not including Kelce. Mack and Pouncey are great players, I’m not trying to take that away from them, but if we’re talking about the best of the best, there’s no center better than Kelce.

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