Eagles: Top-10 free agent signings since 2000

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2. Nick Foles (2017-’18)

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you?

We all know his story by now. Nick Foles was originally drafted as an Eagle, got traded for Sam Bradford by Chip Kelly, contemplated retirement after Jeff Fischer made him hate football, went to play under Andy Reid again in Kansas City, then joined the Eagles in 2017 to be Carson Wentz’s backup and the rest is history.

Even if we discount his 27-2 season under Chip, this is still easily one of the best free agent signings in team history, for obvious reasons.

When Wentz went down amid his MVP campaign in 2017, the season felt lost. After cementing ourselves as NFC favorites, it all seemed to get flushed down the drain once the franchise quarterback went down for the season.

With the postseason already locked up, all Foles had to do was beat a couple below average teams to ensure the NFC playoffs would come through Philly. Although he was able to beat both the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders to lock up the number one seed, he played poorly and inspired little confidence in the fanbase as we prepared for the playoffs.

In a defensive battle, the Eagles held on to win their divisional round game against the Atlanta Falcons. The following week against the Minnesota Vikings would prove to be Foles defining moment as an Eagle; until his Super Bowl performance of course. Foles absolutely decimated the top ranked defense in the NFL, throwing for 352 yards, three touchdowns and no picks en route to a 38-7 victory.

In Super Bowl 52, the Eagles were the ultimate underdogs. With a backup quarterback and a second year head coach, the Birds were tasked with taking down the best dynasty in professional sports, as the Patriots were looking to win their second straight Super Bowl and their third in four years.

The Eagles didn’t back down, and Foles led the charge as he went blow for blow with the game’s greatest quarterback. His signature moment came with a fourth and goal attempt on New England’s goal line at the end of the first half. The Philly Special is not only one of the best Eagles moments of all time, but it’s easily one of the most memorable moments in Super Bowl history.

Foles went on to take home the Super Bowl MVP as well as Philadelphia’s first Lombardi Trophy.

The following season, Foles again took over for an injured Wentz and led the team to an improbable playoff run, before losing in the divsional round to the New Orleans Saints.

His Super Bowl heroics will always be cherished in Philly. Foles is a bonified Philadelphia legend.

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