Doug Pederson, not Nick Foles, is the key to Eagles success this weekend

Coaching is arguably the most important role when you get to this point. Over this past weekend, we saw prime examples of major coaching flaws costing their team the victory. Once again Andy Reid struggled with time management and lost to the Tennessee Titans in the final minutes. He has always had a hard time with this, and he proved he still hasn’t mastered his biggest downfall. On the other hand, the Atlanta Falcons faced the Los Angeles Rams and Coach Sean McVay failed to optimize the use of MVP caliber running back Todd Gurley, who only had 14 carries while averaging 7.2 yards per. Gurley was electric every time he had the ball in his hands, making Rams fans wonder why they didn’t maximize his potential. With both coaches costing their respective teams a playoff win, Eagles fans should consider the pressure on Doug Pederson this weekend, opposed to Nick Foles. Everybody seems focused on how Foles will perform when really all he needs to do is manage the offense. He’s clearly capable of this and only needs to avoid negative situations. Doug needs to dedicate our offense to the run game and really focus on Jay Ajayi. With a committee type system going, we need to make him the clear top back to sustain success on the ground. It will all around help our offense and open up our now diverse receiving core. Even though some struggles on the ground, Doug must remain committed and not abandon the run game, as we have seen before. Ajayi can get the yards we need on the ground, otherwise, Howie would have never acquired him. All you seem to hear in Philadelphia right now is deflated fans concerned about Foles. Not that those concerns aren’t warranted, but after seeing two coaches blow games this past weekend we need to start thinking about the pressure on Doug Pederson in his first career playoff game.

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