Eskin is “that dude” as He Exposes the Cowboys

So far this season, the Eagles are the best team in football at 8-1 while Dallas has stumbled to a middling 5-4. As a result, debates like ‘Dak over Wentz’ or ‘whoever over Philly’ have typically been devoid of logic, reasoning, and rationality; not because the numbers are inconclusive or the tape is indistinguishable, but because they’re so lopsided in the Birds direction. If you’re an Eagles fan, odds are you’ve had these debates or senseless conversations at some point. Which explains why so many were able to relate to the Twitter exchange between Howard Eskin and Dallas slot-man Cole Beasley on Sunday night.


Eskin is simply pointing out that Dak faltered in conditions similar to those that Carson has thrived in. What separates “special” quarterbacks from those that aren’t is that they excel in the face of injury or adversity. Without a running game and left tackle, Dak was assaulted to the tune of 8 sacks while his offense was anemic. Meanwhile, without his left tackle or a consistent running game, Carson Wentz hung 50+ points over three quarters against a top-5 Denver defense. I’m usually the first person to disagree with Howard Eskin, but this is a straightforward observation that’s hard to deny. So how is it that someone who has firsthand experience to these struggles – like Beasley –  be so blind to them?


Beasley not only ignores the facts that Eskin lays out, but he disregards the wholesale ass-whooping his quarterback took just hours earlier. I’m no doctor, but it may be in this man’s best interest for Dallas to place him under concussion protocol because I’ll be damned if he isn’t at least showing early symptoms of brain trauma. To experience what he did on Sunday afternoon and think it’s logical to call Dak, “That Dude”, takes a special kind of stupid typically reserved for Dallas fans – not their players. I could spend hours laying out the reasons as to why Carson Wentz is “That Dude” and why Dak is merely pedestrian, but the stark reality is if you haven’t already arrived at that conclusion I can’t help you. So to reiterate Mr. Eskin, “See ya next week.”    


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