Eagles: Despite not facing indictment, Howie should steer clear of Deshaun Watson

After over a year of investigations regarding Deshaun Watson‘s sexual misconduct allegations, a grand jury in Texas declined to indict the former Pro Bowl quarterback on Friday. Despite upwards of 22 women coming forward, Watson will not face any criminal charges, though the civil lawsuits will gain steam over the next few months.

He’s not out of the water yet and there’s still a high chance Watson faces a suspension from the NFL. Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for six games (later reduced to four) in 2010 for similar allegations and he too was not charged.

Adam Schefter reported that trade talks revolving around Watson are expected to pick up quickly as free agency rapidly approaches.

Of course, the Eagles have been linked to Watson ever since he hit the trade block last offseason. Given everything that has transpired since, Howie Roseman should stay as far away from Watson as possible.

Regardless of a potential suspension looming, the Eagles’ quarterback situation is not dire enough to warrant such a move. For all of Jalen Hurts‘ faults on the field, he’s as buttoned up as they come off the field. He played well enough in 2021 to justify at least one more season as the Eagles starter. Replacing him with a guy like Watson would not only be a slap in the face to Hurts, it would be a slap in the face the Eagles fans.

Sure, Watson is the better player, but the Eagles should not be willing to stoop this low. The organization has been willing to give players second chances throughout the years, most notably Michael Vick back in 2009. But Vick paid his dues prior to coming to Philly. He spent two years in prison for his crimes and it was clear that he was changed man once he re-entered society.

Watson won’t have to face any punishment here. He’ll likely settle all of these cases out of court and he’ll get a slap on the wrist from the NFL. And that entire process will only be a distraction for any team Watson goes to.

At the beginning of the offseason, the Eagles had two viable paths to take at the quarterback position. Either trade for Russell Wilson or stick with Jalen Hurts for another year while the team continues to build through the draft and free agency. With Wilson off the board, it should be full steam ahead with Hurts for the time being.

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