Jeremy Chinn S/LB, Southern Illinois

Chinn fits in perfectly with the Eagles recent trend of stock-piling versatile defensive backs, and he’ll be able to replace some of the physicality lost without Jenkins. At 230 lbs he blurs the line between safety and linebacker, and considering the Eagles holes at both spots Chinn might be worth taking an extended look at.

He has the tools to be the perfect sub-LB in nickel and dime packages, and possibly even a weak side backer in today’s base sets. While he struggles in man-coverage against quicker receivers, he’s excellent on tight ends and running backs—perfect for the big nickel role that Jenkins played. While recent signing Will Parks and newly-converted safety Jalen Mills are expected to pick up some of Jenkins’ slack, Chinn is an athletic specimen whose profile fits that role closer than both players.

With so many bodies in the defensive back room they can afford to let him grow for a year or two as a rotational piece while they develop him to take on starting snaps in the future—whether that be OLB, SS, or something in-between.

He’s not my favorite prospect but he seems like an obvious pick for a defense that claims to want their defensive backfield to be as versatile and position-less as can be.

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