Why these final games could determine the Sixers playoff fate

Why Wednesday’s clash determines our playoff fate

The process trusting fan base finally gets to see a playoff berth for the first time since 2012. What a season and turn of events that have lead the Sixers to a 50-win year.

However, fans need to consider the magnitude of the battle coming up on Wednesday night between the Sixers and the Milwaukee Bucks. Beating the Bucks and securing the three seed could lead to a home matchup against a six seed (Indiana, Miami), and most likely a second-round clash with the Boston Celtics (or the seven seed that beats them).

Kyrie Irving going down for the remainder of the season really has helped Philadelphia’s playoff chances. Without him, the Celtics are just as inexperienced as the Sixers and much less talented. Injuries should never be praised, but this one really has worked to the Sixers favor.

Another big upside the Sixers would have at the third seed is the home court advantage if faced with the Cavs later in the playoffs. Being seeded above them is a huge benefit and you cannot stress enough what that means at this juncture in the season. That home crowd gives the boost players look for night in and out. Any upper hand the Sixers can get in they playoffs will help them immensely with a young inexperienced core. Watch for the 76ers to close out the season as strong as possible in these final games.

The Eastern Conference Finals are not an unrealistic goal if our group can stay focused on the things that have gotten them to this point. In the playoffs the intensity rises, tempers flare, and stamina and health are harder to maintain than usual. If they could ease into the playoffs with home court advantage in round one, they’ll get to play a depleted Celtics team in round two. Young teams are usually eaten alive in their first trip to the playoffs, but if Coach Brown is able to prepare them for the task, the 76ers could stand a fighting chance.

If the Sixers fail to hold onto the three seed they face a tougher opponent in the next round with the Toronto Raptors. They have had an impressive season, even though they have a reputation of not playing to their potential in the playoffs. Let’s hope this can be avoided to give the Sixers the best shot at making a finals.

Additional Notes

  • Overcoming critics, and impressing the most optimistic fans the city has to offer, Ben Simmons has played like a man possessed. All while managing to lead this young core without their All-Star center. Ben Simmons just seems different, and he already sees the floor as well as anyone in this league. He’s averaging 16 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 8.2 assists on top of being the favorite for Rookie of the Year, as well as winning Player of the week and month awards. His winning mentality is already showing; when asked what other rookies have impressed him he responded “none”.
  • Coach Brown was a part of some very special San Antonio Spurs teams and that could really help him try to guide our young guys in their first playoff appearance. His adjustments without Joel Embiid, and finding ways to win games as of late has been nothing short of impressive. I’m sure it is relieving for him as he has been in this from the start. He should be the hands-down favorite this year for the NBA Coach of the Year honor.

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